General construction services for the conversion of a 250,000 SF dermatological production facility into a toothpaste production facility. Construction was completed in a ‘clean room’ environment using a sophisticated phasing approach in order to not interfere with daily pharmaceutical production.

The scope of work included the replacement and/or modification of MEP utilities including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, special systems, process instrumentation, process piping, and communication services, as well as the removal of the existing interior slab and installation of a new concrete slab on grade to accommodate new equipment loads and underground utilities. An addition of structural stell and an emergency espcape stairwell were also elements of this project. The facility houses six process lines for batch making, six filling lines, a packaging area, and a shipping area. GSK will be capable of expanding toothpaste production in the future within the current footprint of the newly renovated facility. The newly renovated facility allows GSK the ability to expand production in the future within the constructed footprint.

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    East Durham, New York

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